Press Kit

We combined a cartoon and a book in a single application! You can listen to the story and watch the illustrations, but also play with the characters. Although this playbook was created for 3 to 7-year-olds, we do hope it is interesting and captivating for their parents as well!

We like alive and vivid characters who are free to run, jump and even run through the pages. That’s why in this book you could see more than 100 unique animations and live around 80 minutes of game-play.

Games are good but it’s great to learn something new, is it? What do forest dwellers eat and what are their homes? Why does a Heron stand on one leg and why doesn’t a Woodpecker become dizzy? These and 25 more surprising facts you can learn on the pages of this book.

About Yarki Studio

Yarki Studio is a Ukrainian game and art studio which develops innovative video games for the mobile and social online market.

Our team has years of experience, a burning passion for gaming and a love for entertainment, but most importantly, we care about and  respect our clients and players. Yarki Studio is committed to bringing high-quality games as well as to provide outsourcing services for art and game production.

We are open to all kinds of cooperation and are  willing to share our experience and skills to support your business, grow and win together.


Our mission

“Illuminated by creativity, creating impossible”.

We are the ones who are inspired and enthusiastic about what we do,  what we dream, experiment and exceed the limits, always.

Our promise is to deliver products of top-notch quality – the kind of games we as players would enjoy and be thrilled about.

Create together with us!